In attendance: Lea, Nathan, Jake, Kevin, Katie

@MIT: Eesh, Gabi

Absent: Chrissy, Laura

  • EB, JF - Moving to SidPac June 2017
    1. It’s happening, Eesh will need some help moving things out
    2. Thank Kris Kipp for our new home!
    3. Eesh will email Net and Jay to find out what belongs to the JP
  • Student hosts (Katie, Kevin, and Nathan) provide an update on Steinbach Scholars
    1. Nathan: voting process is done, we have invited someone (John Eiler from Caltech), Nathan asked him to get back to him by April
    2. Kevin: sent an invitation to Bob Anderson, now waiting for a reply
    3. Katie: David Johnston is coming June 12th - 14th
    4. Lea says we are making good progress!
  • JF - Open House Summary
    1. Jake typed up a document of everything you need to know for planning in the future, it is in the google Drive.
    2. Next year, we should probably go to the Muddy with EAPS
    3. Good reviews on the housing presentation
  • CH- Re: money, things are good, let me know when the next Social Hour is plz.
    1. Chrissy sent out an email asking for people to submit ideas for an event
  • CH-Buffins payment
    1. We can use the P card for buffins fruit/etc. if you guys want to work out a system where the same person always buys fruit, I can give that person the card. It avoids reimbursement stuff. Either way, don't worry about an RFP, just get receipts to me ASAP (MS #33 or courier envelope at APO).
    2. The fruit is not super key, but buffins are
  • KS-Social hour:
    1. Next week is spring break, so let’s start again during the first week in April. Kevin will talk to Chrissy about using the P card to pay for pizza
    2. Steve’s pizza forgot Jake’s order, so he would prefer not to use them
    3. Tentative date: Thursday, 4/6/17
  • MIT office space:
    1. Eesh has not gone yet, but he is going to check it out today. He will take pictures and send them
  • Coming up in the future:
    1. Welcome the new students somehow
    2. APO is doing the retreat again this year